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Our first book, All Mountains Are Table Legs for the Sky, is on sale now. The sole book launch for it is on December 7th at the CPAWS Yukon Pop-Up Holiday Sale at 12:30 pm.

Jesjit of Colour Code Print helping unveil the cover. Image by Lorenzo Colocado.
Jesjit of Colour Code Print helping unveil the cover. Image by Lorenzo Colocado.

A poet* once remarked that everything in the world exists in order to become a book. Decades later someone else^ wrote that everything exists to become a photograph. While we could spend a lot of time struggling to articulate what comprises a photograph and what constitutes a book‡, that isn’t the point in this initial volley of words.

Our understanding at chairsandtables.org and adjacent.furniture has been that everything useful exists now, to be, an accessible archive. We’ll keep striving to expand on what both parts of that mean.

Is there anything better than a book for this? Impressions of ink on a page, digital ink on electric screens? We don’t think so.

In some way, shape, and form we’ve been publishing digitally for almost 15 years. We’ve worked on various different print projects. But today, with this web log, we’re happy to announce that we intend to publish+print books, book-related projects (broadsides) with consistent persistence and persistent consistency. We’ve been thinkering on some ideas and it is time for the ink and paper to meet more frequently!

More soon-ish (emphasis on the ish),
Asad Chishti, bul-bul press

‡Especially if we consider questions of scale, quality of paper and binding

Welcome to bul-bul.press, the print+publish home currently under construction. Email press[at]adjacent[dot]furniture for questions, typos, and nothing else.

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