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bulbul bird logo sequence


bul-bul.press (bbp) is a printing+publishing home currently under construction. The name is derived from a few difference sources:

  • 🎉 bulbuls are a family of songbirds.
  • 💥 b-u-l are the last three letters of the printer+publisher's mother.
  • 🌈 bul is similar to the word 'bol' which means speak in Hindi and Urdu.

The hyphen denotes translation which is something we believe is at the heart of this undertaking for us.

The logo is by Corey Waurechen, animation by Aiken Chau with some feedback by Brianna Tosswill of Penrose Press. Please email us for questions, comments, collaborative inquiries, and more.

Currently based on the traditional and contemporary territories of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta'an Kwäch'än Council (~Whitehorse, Yukon).